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Center for Neuro Recovery is the nation’s leading functional movement exercise facility with the most state-of-the-art researched-backed equipment to date. Center for Neuro Recovery’s® Comprehensive Activity-based Strength Training (C.A.S.T.®) program helps individuals reach maximum levels of functionality, independence, and regain as much lost capability as possible through repetitive, activity-based strength training. Based in South Florida, Center for Neuro Recovery is the only facility in the State of Florida to offer robotic-assisted gait strength training and functional pattern movement exercises to the public. Center for Neuro Recovery takes individuals with spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological disorders through a post-rehabilitation functional movement exercise strength and conditioning training program. Center for Neuro Recovery’s client’s regain the most strength and lost physical ability through strength and conditioning training that they receive in the shortest period of time.
With our help and the client’s commitment, stroke, spinal cord injured and other people with neurological conditions do not have to accept a life of muscle atrophy, loss of strength, function and overall debilitation. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies, including the Hocoma Lokomat Pro, into each qualified clients’ weekly routine. To learn more, please visit:
Center for neuro recovery
401 Northlake Blvd., Suite 4
North Palm Beach, Florida, USA 33408
(888) 875-7659

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