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FES Excercise Clinic

The Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre Society (SCITCS) Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Exercise Clinic is located in The Steadward Centre (TSC) at the University of Alberta (U of A)

History:  SCITCS has promoted the application of FES since 1987 when we purchased the first hand held stimulators that allowed people with a spinal cord injury to stand and take steps.

We are very proud that 2014 is our 27th year of providing opportunities for persons with SCI and others to exercise and maintain their health using the application of FES.

The SCITCS FES Exercise Clinic provides 3 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) options, specific muscular movement is made possible by the SpectraStim 2000 which can be attached to specific muscle groups to stimulate a contraction similar to conventional exercise movements. The two RT300 bicycles allow participants to exercise directly from their wheelchair. It is not necessary to transfer. For information about the RT300 computerized bicycles go to www.Restorative-Therapies.com Rowing was added to the FES exercise program in 1999.

SCITCS FES Exercise Clinic VIDEO

Bryce, who has quadriplegia, is exercising using the Ergys 1 FES bicycle.


SCITCS wishes to acknowledge the donation, from the Wild Rose Foundation of the Government of Alberta, to purchase a Computerized Ergys 2 Bicycle.

2006 SCITCS donated $26,420 to the SCITCS FES Clinic

The funds were used to maintain the FES equipment, to purchase an additional Ergys Bike, an additional 4 channel stimulator and to staff development in applied FES.

To date SCITCS has donated approximately $1.5 million to FES research, the purchase of FES exercise equipment, $28.000 to the development of the Rowing machine, including $20,000 to the “learning to walk…again” CARRE project.

To participate in an exercise program call (780) 492-3182

Functional Electrical Stimulation Assisted Exercise – Just how valuable is it and where are we heading? By Garry Wheeler PhD., C.Psych.

Importance of Exercise with FES in People with Spinal Cord Injury – Type 2 Diabetes –

2010 SCI Guideline on Exercise and Physical Activity. Drs. K Martin Ginis & A. Hicks of McMaster University were awarded $54,000 to develop a guideline on exercise and physical activity. Information on physical activity (PA) and its benefits are much desired but not readily available to Canadians living with SCI.  This research project is aimed at the development and implementation of PA guidelines for people with both acute and chronic SCI, following the methods used for Canada’s existing physical activity guidelines for the general population. The Rick Hansen Institute’s funding will support the scientific review, preliminary market research and prototype development.


Expanding Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Exercise into the community. SCITCS president Louise Miller initiated a commitee co-chaired by Jonathan Norton PhD the membership includes, Martin Ferguson-Pell PhD Dean of Rehabilitation Medicine, Richard Stein PhD, Donna Goodwin PhD director of The Steadward Centre (TSC), Vivian Mushahawar PhD and Sue Lin Chong physiotherapist. It is hoped that in the near future the option of inclusive FES exercise for people with disabilities will be available in recreation centres in various parts of Edmonton.
Get in Motion is a nation-wide physical activity counseling service for Canadians with spinal cord injury This FREE service is designed to provide participants with the information and support they may need to meet personal physical activity goals, or just a little motivation to get started with a physically active lifestyle.  To participate or receive more information from a physical activity counselor, please call the voicemail line at 1-866-678-1966, or email motion@mcmaster.ca or visit www.sciactioncanada.ca.

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME  Magazine

Additional Information on FES Research at the University of Alberta

Application of FES at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Once in the site click on RESEARCH then click on Rehabilitation and Exercise

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