The Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Society of Northern Alberta (SCITCS) has spend 30 years promoting research into spinal cord injury, and championing organizations that work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of Albertans with disabilities.

A simple Google search can show you the innumerable triumphs of SCITCS and its founder, Louise Miller over the last 30 years.

But where did it all begin? This series will tell the story of a little girl named Louise Hughson, and her life long tendency to always “swim against the tide” and speak out against anything she felt was unjust.

In 6-parts, we’ll follow Louise on her journey through life. From the rolling hills of Glasgow Scotland to the rippling prairies of Alberta, from a nurse in a children’s hospital to a teacher and a well-known public speaker, from a dedicated mother to a doting mentor, Louise has had a colourful and vibrant career. Her efforts have helped Albertans with disabilities live healthier, fuller, and more independent lives. This is her incredible story.


Chapter 1 – The wild child

The Shetland Islands have a landscape unique to the rest of the world. They are rugged and secluded, with beautiful beaches, miles of breathtaking coastline and the bluest of shores. Add heather filled moorlands, towering cliffs sculpted by the wind, sea and sand, and it’s a scene reminiscent from the pages of Wuthering Heights. On this remote set of Islands lived a little girl with a big family and an even larger personality. Her name was Louise…


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