July $3,007 donated to SCITCS FES Clinic to upgrade the computer system and accessories on one of the Ergys 2 Bikes

SCITCS provides five $500 awards to graduating students with a disability, attending Grant MacEwan, NAIT, NorQuest, and the University of Alberta. One of the requirements of the award is that the recipient volunteers for an organization involved with people with disabilities.

September 29th Kelly Brunton, physiotherapist with the Centre for Ambulatory Rehabilitation Research and Education (CARRE) was presented with the SCITCS $500 award for providing excellent and compassionate care, assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries to gain functional, independent walking. SCITCS donated $20,000 approx. to the CARRE Walking Again Research Program.

Su Ling Chong research physiotherapist was the most recent recipient of this award.

2006 $26,420 total donated to the SCITCS FES Clinic

November-December $23,413 donated to the SCITCS FES Clinic for staff development, accessories to repair the Ergys System, to purchase a third Ergys System and an additional 4 channel stimulator. To be used to expand the FES programme and to maintain the FES equipment for people with a spinal cord injury in the SCITCS FES Clinic.

2006 $157,743 total donated to the new SCITCS FES Research Laboratory

December SCITCS donated a Magstim 200 to the SCITCS FES Research Facility at a cost of $23,960 it was added to two Ergys Systems two Stim boxes, one Concept II rower, an Arm Trainer and $80,123 for deep pressure research.


Back John Miller, Louise Miller and Robin Gibbons

Brian Andrews Ph.D. of Oxford University  in the UK (bottom R) and Robin Gibbons (Top R) Head of FES Rowing ASPIRE National Training Centre  “the fastest rower with paraplegia in the world”  (see his story in the SCITCS Newsletter) visited researchers at the University of Alberta to promote FES  rowing to maintain the health of people with SCI. SCITCS donated $28,000 to the development of the adaptations to allow people with paraplegia and quadriplegia to exercise their upper and lower limbs resulting in an improved cardiovascular workout. See History 1999 Bohdan Olijnyk is demonstrating the rowing machine in the SCITCS FES Clinic.

Dr Brian Andrews professor at the University of Oxford, England and champion rower Robin Gibbons visited in September 2006. Dr Andrews and Robin are promoting the use of FES rowing to improve the health of people with a spinal cord injury. To date 6 participants with paraplegia competed against able-bodied rowers in the same event and were successful in earning 6 medals at the Indoor Rowing Championships held in England. Learn more about FES indoor competitive rowing in the UK. Dr. Andrews and Dr. Garry Wheeler, the original researchers, are to be commended as is Robin Gibbons captain, trainer and competitor who says” rowing has taken over my life”. See Robin’s story in the SCITCS Newsletter. pages 11-14  Achieved September 2006

Richard Stein PhD, Vivian Mushahwar PhD, Brian Andrews PhD

March 2007 $23,000 donated to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to purchase the first FES outdoor tricycle in North America developed by Dr. Ken Hunt engineer at Glasgow University and manufactured by Hasomed of Germany Dr. Stein of the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Group University of Alberta will be the lead researcher.

SCITCS is awaiting the arrival of the RehaBike-tricycle from www.hasomed.de The RehaBike consists of a specially equipped recumbent tricycle and the RehaStim stimulator which uses FES.  At the push of a button cycling starts. The tricycle can be used to cycle outside the laboratory. Richard Stein Ph.D. of the Centre for Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry will conduct research into the application of FES to cycle. Go to SCITCS Newsletter to view the tricycle in the FES Sports Day article Pages 10-11.                                   Achieved March 2007

$157,743 total donated to the new SCITCS FES Research Laboratory for the year 2006

December 2007 $23,960 donated to purchase a Magstim 200 for the SCITCS FES Research Laboratory under lead researcher Dr.Vivian Mushahwar. It was added to previous donations of two Ergys Systems, two Stim boxes, one Concept II rower, including an Arm Trainer. In addition $80,123.00 was donated to study the development of deep pressure ulcers.


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