SCITCS donated the funding to print the local best selling book produced by Louise Miller titled “Daring to Live” 12 stories of people living a successful life following a devastating life experience. SCITCS continues to present a copy of the book to each patient with a SCI on the Neurological Unit at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. All profits from sales are donated to SCITCS. Over 3000 have been printed.

2001 SCITCS supported research into the propensity of people with SCI to develop Type 2 diabetes and the impact of exercise to reduce this tendency. The research was done by Justin Jeon a postgraduate student who was recently accepted at Harvard University.

Jody Fraser SCITCS president was one of 8 alumni to be honored with the Alumni Horizon Award from the University of Alberta to recognize people who have had outstanding achievements early in their careers.

2002 SCITCS celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a barbecue.

SCITCS provided $20,000, to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine for the Centre for Ambulatory Rehabilitation Research & Education. (CARRE), for walking research.

Louise received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal from The Honorable Lois Hole.

2003 SCITCS celebrated the 10th anniversary of the SCITCS FES Clinic with the Director Bob Steadward PhD.

Louise was one of five alumni to be honored with the Alumni Award of Excellence from the University of Alberta to recognize specific, recent accomplishments.

2004 Funding provided for a therapist from the USA to present training in the use of the Ergys Rehabilitation System to a number of the staff at The Steadward Centre (recently re-named)

SCITCS provided funding to the “Inclusion or Illusion” conference at the University of Alberta.

SCITCS donated exercise equipment (called a Rickshaw), to The Steadward Centre, that enables people with quadriplegia to strengthen their arms to assist them to transfer.

SCITCS presented the first SCITCS $500 award to an Occupational or Physical Therapist who has made a significant contribution through research, clinical practice, rehabilitation, or service to enhance the quality of life of clients with a Spinal Cord Injury. Presented at the Alberta Rehabilitation Coordinating Council (ARCC) annual awards dinner.

SCITCS board created a committee to gather information on Pressure Ulcers. The board members were concerned re the recent deaths of a local politician and  Christopher Reeve due to an infection from a preventable pressure ulcer.

Spinal Cord Injury (Northern Alberta) Society